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Voice Dialling on Android

No Voice Dial on Android 2.2 and below

Voice dialling over Bluetooth was added to the Android Operating system in version 2.2.

It will therefore not be possible to use Phone Commands on your BlueAnt device to activate phone voice dialing and make calls using your voice unless you have updated your Android device to at least version 2.2.

Please note that some carriers provide modified versions of the Android operating system for their devices, so voice dialling may not be available even if you have version 2.2 or later.


It may also be necessary to ensure that the passcode lock is disabled on some Android phones, in order to have Google Voice Actions / Google Now / voice dialling over Bluetooth to work on a number of phones.

Please check with your carrier, service provider or phone manufacturer to confirm whether "voice dialling over Bluetooth" is available on your Android device.

Phonelock security limitations may also include,

  • Face Lock
  • Face and Voice Lock
  • Finger Print
  • Pattern
  • PIN / Password

Please note that any type of Voice Dialling features are phone related. 

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