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The question of compatibility between handsets and bluetooth enabled devices is difficult to address definitively as this area is a moving target. 

Both handsets and Bluetooth-enabled devices may, from time to time, receive firmware or software updates that fundamentally change the feature set or way they interoperate with other devices.

Generally, all Bluetooth devices should be able to connect to most modern phones. 

Any Bluetooth version over 1.2 should be backwards compatible. 

Particular attention should be given to aspects of the phone’s functionality such those listed below to ensure the features you wish to use are supported by your phone:


  • Voice Dialling via Bluetooth
  • Phonebook transfers via PBAP, OPP or V-Card
  • A2DP functionality for audio streaming

We hope this information has helped you make a more informed decision regarding what to look for when purchasing. If you require any further assistance with your BlueAnt device, please feel free to contact us directly.

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