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iPhone Bluetooth Issues with iOS 4

A number of customers have mentioned that they have experienced Bluetooth issues when using Bluetooth devices with the iPhone. These issues include problems with pairing, audio quality, voice control and connectivity.

These issues are not isolated to BlueAnt products. They affect all Bluetooth devices connecting to an iPhone running iOS version 4 and above.

Recommended Solution

At this time we believe that these issues are caused by the iPhone's implementation of multitasking. The recommended solution is to:

  1. Close all background applications.
  2. Power cycle your iPhone.

Step 1: Close Background Applications

To close applications running in the background:

  1. Double click the Home button.

    iPhone Home Button
  2. The upper screen of the iPhone will fade out and a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen: 

      iPhone Background Applications

    These icons represent your recently used applications. Your iPhone saves the state of these applications so that you can switch back to them quickly.
  3. You now need to close these applications to release the system resources that they are using. 

    Press and hold down any one of the application icons until the icons start shaking and a red minus appears in the top corner: 

    iPhone Background Applications
  4. Tap the red minus on each application so that the icon disappears. Keep tapping the minuses until the bar is empty.
  5. Now click the iPhone Home button once to return to the iPhone home screen.

Step 2: Power Cycle your iPhone

We also recommend that you power cycle your iPhone:

  1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of your iPhone until a bar showing "Slide To Power Off" appears on screen. 

    iPhone Sleep/Wake Button
  2. Swipe your finger across this slider bar and wait for the iPhone to shut down completely.
  3. After the iPhone has shut down completely, hold down the Sleep/Wake button to turn it back on again.

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