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Voice Dial / Phone Commands - Tips

 Your BlueAnt device makes it easy to make calls using your voice.

If you have a voice controlled BlueAnt device, simply use the command 'Phone Commands' to activate your phone's voice dial function.*

Consult Your Phone Manual For Help

Once you activate voice dialling, you are using your phone's voice control functionality. Any problems you may encounter will be caused by your phone, not your BlueAnt.

Please check your phone manual for help on getting the most out of this feature, and to find out what commands your phone supports, as well as any limitations of your phone's voice recognition software.

Not All Phones Support Voice Dialling

This feature is only available if your phone supports voice dialling over Bluetooth:

  • The Apple iPhone 3GS (running iOS 3.1 or higher) and iPhone 4 support this feature, but older iPhone models do not.
  • Most Android phones running version 2.2 or higher support this feature. Some carriers provide modified versions of the Android operating system for their devices, so voice dialing may not be available even if you are running version 2.2. Please check with your carrier, service provider or phone manufacturer to confirm whether "voice dialing over Bluetooth" is available on your Android device.
  • Most BlackBerry smartphones support this feature.

* Users of non-voice controlled BlueAnt devices: please check your BlueAnt manual for the exact button combination required on your device to activate phone voice dialling.

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