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Android | Unable to activate Voice Dial

Most current Android handsets will come with Google Now and/or Voice Actions as a standard voice control feature. If your phone has both installed, you can switch between the 2 by using the default options. 

Some phone brands such as Verizon or T-Mobile may choose to customize the OS and implement their own Voice Dial application. This change may result in losing some standard Android features and operations. We suggest that you contact your network provider should you encounter any unknown issues not related to standard phone operations.

Removing Default Apps.

If your phone is enabled with both Google Now and Voice Actions, you can switch between the 2 by resetting your phone's app preferences. 

To clear the preferences one at a time, press and hold the HOME button for 3 seconds. At the bottom of the screen, select the first (pie chart) icon. Slide across to the far right and select 'Clear Defaults' tab. (Then remove S-Voice)

To clear ALL preferences, go to Application Manager, click the MENU button on your phone and then select 'Reset App Preferences'

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