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My BlueAnt S3 is Stuck in the Wrong Language

‚ÄčTo change the language on your S3, you will need to reset your device.
  1. DELETE any stored pairing information from your phone's Bluetooth menu.
  2. Make sure your S3 is switched ON but not connected to any other devices.
  3. Now RESET the S3 by holding down the volume "+" and "-" symbols together for about 8 seconds, or until the S3 announces that it has been reset.
  4. Press the ANSWER button once to select English or wait for your desired language.
    *The answer button is located between the volume PLUS and MINUS symbol.

You will now need to select your language by tapping the middle button or symbol when you hear your language announced, and then follow the prompts to pair your phone with your S3.

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