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Apple iOS 8 | Audio Will Not Route to The Headset On Incoming Calls.

When your Bluetooth device is connected to your Apple handset and you receive an incoming call, the call routing rule applies as below.
  • Answering the call via your phone will route the call audio to your phone's internal speakers.
  • ​Answering the call via your headset will route the call audio to your Bluetooth speaker.
If you answered a call via your Bluetooth headset but the audio was only heard via your phone, then you may be experiencing a call routing issues.

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below.

1. Open your phone's Settings menu and then select General

2. Select Accessibility

3. Select Call Audio Routing

4. Then place a tick onto the headset option.

If the above suggestion did not help, then we recommend that you reset your pairing informations by removing the old connection from your phone (via the Bluetooth menu). reboot the phone and then reset your Bluetooth device to its factory default. 

If the same problem continues to recur, please log a case with us and provide a summary of the test that you have performed and the result of those tests.

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