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Device has Stopped working

Is there any way to check if my device is out of warranty? It just stopped working and will not charge. There's been no abuse or damage done to this unit and I'm quite disappointed.

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Tracking A Lost Headset

I recently got my BlueAnt Endure headset (love it!) and of course, managed to lose it in the first week. It is paired with my phone, a Nokia Lumia 920 (windows phone). Unfortunately, the headset is in the "...

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HTC One (M8) | Connection Issues

Can't get my phone to recognize Ribbon. Is there some trick? Downloaded the BlueAnt app and still got no devices found. The Ribbon works fine on my tablet so seems a compatibility issue. Followed the i...

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Reading Messages via 3rd Party Applications

I can't read my Messengers through my BlueAnt, please help

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Using the Headset While Riding My Bike

i ride nearly every day and when i get a call from the family to see where i am i have to stop to talk. will the endure or the T1 allow me to talk while riding?

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Why the range of Blueant Ribbon is Extremely low?

I have difficulties with BlueAnt Ribbon and my Samsung Galaxy S4. the problem is 100% because the ribbon has excessively low Bluetooth range!. when i put my phone inside my back pocket of my pants, and the rib...

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