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BlueAnt Q2 | How to Reset

How do you reset the Q2. it indicates that pairing is full. I have tried hold the volume + and at the same time the volume - along with the multi button and it does not reset the ear piece.

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Bluetooth Battery Meter

I'm having difficulty finding the "iPhone on screen battery meter" - On my iPhone 6+ (running latest iOS 8.x) it's not showing up in Notifications, Bluetooth Settings, etc. Where specificall...

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The blue rubber earbuds that came with my headphones constantly come off in my ear or in the small storage bag i keep them in. Any suggestions?

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Pairing with Kokkia i10s BT Transmitter

Has anyone been able to pair the Pump Sportbuds with a Kokkia i10s? I just can't seem to get them to pair up. I've reset the Sportbuds, and turned the ipod the Kokkia is attached to on and off, with...

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ComplyFoam Tips For The PUMP

I sent an inquiry into Support but got no response so I'll try here: I don't like the silicon ear buds so I want isolating buds from Comply. The Comply site does not show compatibility with PUMP yet ...

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Will Not Charge

Hello my BlueAnt headphones won't charge. Is there a way to perform some kind of reset?

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Sony Xperia Z3 | Pairingng & Compatibility

I recently upgraded my phone to the new Sony Xperia Z3 and was wondering if it is compatible and if so, how do I pair it to my Pump headphones?

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Change FM Radio Stations With Headset

Hello. I bought a friend a pair of Pump head phones for Christmas. He enjoys them very much with his iPhone 5s. He would like to know, however, if there is an app that will allow him to change radio stations u...

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Battery Failure

I bought a pair of HD Sportsbuds at Sydney Airport only a few days ago. After trying to charge them many times using different devices, it is pretty obvious that the unit is defective. I have been told I must h...

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