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Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

SIRI | Double Click 'Command' Button on The Endure Won't Start Siri

I cannot work out why this won't work? I have double-clicked the 'command' button quickly, slowly, it doesn't matter how I do it, Siri won't activate via the headset. However if I star...

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Trying to do sa firmware update on my Q3

but while doing the Blue Ant Updater install it keeps saying the Device Driver install failed. What do i need to do to get it to install? I'm on a dell PC running Windows 10, 64 bit.

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Earpiece does not work

Why can I not hear anything from my new earpiece? It is charged and the volume turned up.

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Where To Buy The Q3 Earhooks

I have a worn out ear hook piece and need a new one. How do I get one please?

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Charging Issues

My Q3 all of sudden quit charging regardless of whether the device is on or off, however while trying to charge it while the device is off, the red light never comes on to blink. Only while the device is on &am...

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Power ON/OFF Issue

I have a Q3 ear piece and a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. When I turn on the ear piece it sometimes doesn't power up or when powering off. is this common

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Caller Can't Hear & Voice Command Does Not Work

New Q3 Platinum, caller can't hear me. At direction of help desk downloaded firmware 1.41. Caller still cannot hear, and voice command for iPhone does not work. Any fix that has worked for others?

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When turn off, earpiece still connected to devices.

Has any using the 1.41v software had where you turn off the Q3 and it still shows connected to devices and blinks showing it is still connected?

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Accessories | Where To Buy?

Any ideas of where I can get some replacement soft ear bits for the Q3? I've lost my last one and can't use it anymore.

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Loss of volume

My earpiece does not maintain volume after I have received or placed a call.if no calls are sent or received the volume is fine. Battery status says ok.

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