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Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

Voice Commands Stops Working After a Few Hours Of Use

I was receiving voice commands, (e.g. out of range, battery fully charged) but now I get nothing half way through the day.

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Samsung Galaxy | How to Deactivate Google S-Voice

Please tell me how to deactivate Google S-Voice Dialler & access instead Google Now. Why is it harder to ask a question than to register my product?

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Moto G | Q3 Dropping Connection

i have a Q3 that keeps disconnecting (Moto G) and then automatically reconnecting. The earpiece is only 3' away from the phone so it shouldn't be a distance problem. Also, why you force your custom...

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I have tried multiple attempts to resolve a connection issue with your product; I have contacted your support dept and tried all of the resolution steps that they have suggested with no resolution...I would lik...

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Headset Feature

I have an iPhone 5c, using this q3 headset when a call is recieved and the headset is paired-with the phone not on mute/silent-, does the phone ring at the same time as the headset or is the ringtone streamed o...

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iPhone 5S Ring Volume

Hi, when the iPhone rings, is it possible for the phones ringer to work as well as the earpiece when it is paired? I don't always have the device in my ear, but often it is connected sitting on the kitchen...

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Voice Dialling Issues

Cannot get the Q3 to call another cell phone but I can call a phone from my cell and it goes through and then the ear piece picks up the call. Why won't the ear piece make the call for me?

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Q3 Bluetooth issues with iOS 8 and iPhone 6

After resetting my phone I cannot get the talk functions to work on my Q3 like 'Answer'. It rings and answers on the phone and the only way to fix it is to reset the setting on the iPhone. Help!

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Answering an Incoming Call via Voice Commands

When the phone rings and announce caller's name, one of the options to take the call is to say Answer or Ignore. Q3 do not respond when I say Answer or Ignore. I have to use second option like click Comman...

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Will The Q3 Work as a Communication Device for Windows PC?

Is it possible to configure the Q3 to act as a handsfree device for my windows laptop? It will pair with Windows, but doesn't show as an audio playback device so I can't use it with communications pro...

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