BlueAnt Wireless


Where can I download the Q3/Connect updater?

Please click here to download the BlueAnt Updater Software. If you do not have a login, please register your product to create your username and password. The username is your nominated email address. If you h...

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I cannot click the NEXT buttons in the Q3 updater

In certain circumstances the buttons on the Q3 Firmware Updater are unable to be clicked as they render outside the edge of the application. This is caused by the screen resolution of your computer being diffe...

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What Firmware Version is Installed on my Device?

To find out what firmware is installed on your BlueAnt device: Go to your phone's Bluetooth menu and look at the list of paired devices. The firmware version appears next to the name of your BlueAnt de...

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Q2/T1/S4 Firmware Update FAQ

If you are experiencing problems running a firmware update, please review the following tips and suggestions. If your BlueAnt device is now unresponsive then this is because it is still in update mode. Running...

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BlueAnt Updater For Q3/Connect

To update the firmware version or change the language on your BlueAnt device , please click on the image below to download the BlueAnt Software updater. A Windows popup may app...

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BlueAnt Updater v2.2 for Q2/T1/S4

In order to update the firmware on your BlueAnt device or change the language, please click the link below to download the BlueAnt Universal Updater. BlueAnt Universal Updater v2.2 *Please note that this upda...

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