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Missing Drivers on Windows 7

The Bluetooth stack in Windows 7 may not have all the required drivers installed by default. If you experience problems using your BlueAnt with Bluetooth on a Windows 7 PC you may need to download additional d...

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BlackBerry Connectivity

Some BlackBerry models have Bluetooth connectivity issues that may be resolved by trying the following: Turn your BlackBerry OFF. Remove the battery. Replace the battery and turn your BlackBerry ba...

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Palm® Treo™ Interoperability Issues

There have been some reported claims that the Palm Treo 650 suffers from interoperability issues with Bluetooth headsets. Should you be experiencing problems using this phone with your BlueAnt product, you are ...

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Palm® Auto Disconnection Issues

Some Palm phones automatically disconnect from Bluetooth headsets if there is no Bluetooth activity for a certain period of time. Should this happen on your phone you will need to use the phone's Bluetooth men...

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Nokia 2730 Classic | Audio Issues

Some customers have reported audio issues when using the Nokia 2730 Classic handset with Bluetooth devices. Nokia has released a firmware update for this phone that resolves these problems. If you have been ex...

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