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Pairing with iPhone 8?

Cannot get my pump ear buds to pair with my iPhone 8. When the phone searches for available devices, blue ant pump won’t come up. Used to pair fine with my kindle fire and iPhine 5c. Do I give up? Have tried ...

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Pairing Blackberry Classic with S4

I can't contact my S4 blue ant hands free to my Blackberry Classic?

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iPhone | Pairing Problems

I just posted a question but did not provide all the information you need. I have an iPhone 4S and my T1 (version: T1-QSG-USEN-1.2) was paired to my Droid with no problems, but I cannot get it to pair to my ...

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iPhone 6 | Is It Compatible With a Supertooth 3?

I just got a new iPhone 6. I used my BlueAnt Supertooth 3 with my iPhone 4 without any problem. Tried to pair the 6 with my Supertooth and the phone cannot see the device. Are they compatible? Do I need a softw...

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issues When Using Google Maps

when i connect my iPhone 4S to my BlueAnt and i use Google Maps, I keep getting a message over the BlueAnt saying....."end of call"...... which gets a bit annoying after a while....can anyone help out...

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How To Pair To A New Phone

I've lost my old Samsung phone and I now can't find how to pair my existing Bluetooth to the new Samsung phone.

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Blackberry Z30 | Trouble Connecting

I have an S4, a Blackberry Z30 with current firmware, and a Blackberry Torch 9810. While the S4 worked fine with the Blackberry 9810 Torch, I am having trouble with the Blackberry Z30. When I turn on th...

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iPhone 5S | Does Not Detect BlueAnt S4

I upgraded to an iPhone 5S from an iPhone 4 and now my new phone won't detect the BlueAnt S4. Is there a fix for this?

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Windows OS | No Microphone When Connected to My Computer

My BlueAnt Connect used to connect to my phone and Windows 7 Pro laptop at the same time and when starting would announce that there were 2 connections - the phone and the laptop. The computer has lost its f...

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