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Pairing Blackberry Classic with S4

I can't contact my S4 blue ant hands free to my Blackberry Classic?

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iPhone | Pairing Problems

I just posted a question but did not provide all the information you need. I have an iPhone 4S and my T1 (version: T1-QSG-USEN-1.2) was paired to my Droid with no problems, but I cannot get it to pair to my ...

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iPhone 6 | Is It Compatible With a Supertooth 3?

I just got a new iPhone 6. I used my BlueAnt Supertooth 3 with my iPhone 4 without any problem. Tried to pair the 6 with my Supertooth and the phone cannot see the device. Are they compatible? Do I need a softw...

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issues When Using Google Maps

when i connect my iPhone 4S to my BlueAnt and i use Google Maps, I keep getting a message over the BlueAnt saying....."end of call"...... which gets a bit annoying after a while....can anyone help out...

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How To Pair To A New Phone

I've lost my old Samsung phone and I now can't find how to pair my existing Bluetooth to the new Samsung phone.

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Blackberry Z30 | Trouble Connecting

I have an S4, a Blackberry Z30 with current firmware, and a Blackberry Torch 9810. While the S4 worked fine with the Blackberry 9810 Torch, I am having trouble with the Blackberry Z30. When I turn on th...

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iPhone 5S | Does Not Detect BlueAnt S4

I upgraded to an iPhone 5S from an iPhone 4 and now my new phone won't detect the BlueAnt S4. Is there a fix for this?

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Windows OS | No Microphone When Connected to My Computer

My BlueAnt Connect used to connect to my phone and Windows 7 Pro laptop at the same time and when starting would announce that there were 2 connections - the phone and the laptop. The computer has lost its f...

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