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Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset


Hi Will the Q2 pair with a Samsung note 4 phone ?

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Galaxy S3 | Unable to Transfer Phonebook

Caller name is not being announced. I have paired and unpaired and reset the device, but it still does not announce the name. The device indicated phonebook contacts have been transferred and I accepted. Has...

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Pair List is Full

How do I clear the pair list from my Q2?

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Voice Commands Will Not Work

Hi all. I just upgraded my phone to the new LG Optimus F60. I can pair fine and update the contacts (don't know how to tell if it worked, it says complete when I ask to update after a few minutes) But can ...

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Pairing With An iPhone 6

Q2 tells me there is no room for a pairing. What can I do?

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Samsung Galaxy S3 | Connection Problems

Has anyone had problems pairing the BlueAnt Q2 headset with the Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone? Neither the phone nor the Bluetooth headset recognize or connect with the other. I've had several of these...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 | Will Not Pair/Connect

Do I need to update or download something to my Q2 headset to get it to connnect and work with my Galaxy S5?

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