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Samsung Galaxy S5 | Unable To Pair

I can not pair my BlueAnt S4 (which I used for my Galaxy S2) with my Galaxy S5. What am I not doing?

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Cannot Pair S4 To My Phone

Have tried to pair my formerly-owned Android phone with my S4 and am having no luck. I am turning on Bluetooth, making the Droid discoverable and hitting the scan for devices button and nothing!

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iPhone 5S | Voice Dial Will Not Work

when I say "Call John" my IPhone 5S replies " What do you want to know about John?"

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HTC Mini 2 | S4 Compatible

Is the S4 hands free compatible with HTC mini 2 handsets?

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iPhone 6 | Won't Discover and Cannot Pair with My S4 - FIXED

Updated to iPhone 6 and it wouldn't pair until i reset my S4 by holding the volume up and volume down buttons for 6 seconds. If anyone else has the same issue, do this and it will fix your issues.

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Replacement Battery for S4

Where can I find a replacement battery for my S4?

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