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iPhone 6 | Will Not Pair

I want to pair with iPhone 6 but phone does not see it. Also I did not use the unit more than one year. I did not charge it for that long time. Does it need new battery? It is connected and showing charging. I ...

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BlueAnt Q1 Manual

How can I get a manual for my BlueAnt Q1?

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Q1 | How to Pair

I have a Q1 and I cannot pair to my Samsung Galaxy S3. Please Help.

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ST3 Language Selection | French

Can I change the French to French Canada voice in my BlueAnt ST3 ? I also own a BlueAnt S4 and the French Canadian voice is a lot better. The French voice in the ST3 puts me to sleep in the car...

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Connect to CE0678

I have a Nokia model 6720c-1b and want to connect to the BlueAnt CE 0678. It asks for a passcode and as this WAS my husbands BA, and soooooo long ago, he can't remember it, (or anything about how to set i...

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Q1 Battery Replacement

How do you replace the battery on a Q1?

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BlueAnt Ribbon | iPhone Battery Meter

not showing battery level when connected

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Q1 | Battery Related Query

I cannot figure out the charging process for my BlueAnt Q1. Sometimes iIt will have a medium charge but when I let it charge overnight it remains at a medium charge after 7 hours. OTher times I can charge i...

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Apple iPhone 5 | Pairing A BlueAnt Supertooth 3

Please advise how do I perform a factory Reset on my BlueAnt Supertooth 3 as I cannot pair it up with my Apple iPhone 5?

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Supertooth 3 | Why Won't my BlueAnt Pair with iPhone 4?

I can't get my Iphone 4 to pair with my BlueAnt (model BTSVBC3). The BlueAnt says it is ready, and the Phone finds the BlueAnt, it tells me the password is correct, but BlueAnt will not accept the connecti...

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