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Supertooth II | What are the Voltage and mA Charger Specifications?

Hope a "member of the public" can answer this for me, I've been given a BlueAnt Supertooth II, but I'm not sure if I've been given the correct charger for the device. Although it see...

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Supertooth II | Trying to Connect an IPhone 4s

I'm chasing a Supertooth II manual...trying to connect an Iphone 4s via Bluetooth. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated.

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How to Pair a Supertooth 3?

How do I pair a Supertooth 3 to my phone? Somebody help me!

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Supertooth 3 | Pairing Assistance with Blackberry Q10

I have an older model BlueAnt device and has worked fine with Blackberry Curve. Now I have a Blackberry Q10 and need to know how to pair it.

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S1 / Supertooth One | Will Not Pair / Connect

I have just brought a new HTC One M8 upgraded from a HTC ONE XL. Now I have had for quite a number of years a BlueAnt S1 and yes it does has a few years under its belt but is still going strong. The S1 is the o...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 | Poor Bluetooth Range With a BlueAnt Ribbon

I am having difficulties with the BlueAnt Ribbon and my Samsung Galaxy S4. The problem is 100% because the ribbon has excessively low Bluetooth range. When I put my phone inside my back pocket of my pants, and...

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