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Blueant Q2 Version 1.1 could not pair with My Samsung Note 3 ? Try Reset reboot phone but not sucess

Thao Do — Nov 16, 2014 04:36AM AEDT

any update for my Q2 how ? try again and again but could not connect reset reboot ? another brand just easy instant ?

6 Community Answers

Alan - Nov 17, 2014 at 09:25AM AEDT BlueAnt Wireless Agent

Hi Thao,

The Q2 is a discontinued model and the firmware update tool only works on a 32bit OS. It will not work on 64bit.

However, v1.1 is the latest version so there is no need to update your headset.


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Gene - Apr 27, 2015 at 12:11PM AEST BlueAnt Wireless Agent

BlueAnt products are dependent on the feature a phone/device has. So, any phone/device with bluetooth feature will work with BlueAnt products.

If you are having issues with the Q2, you can reset it and start again.

To reset the Q2, just turn it on then QUICKLY hit the Vol +, Vol – and Multifunction together at the same time (Multifunction button is the Button on the front of the device) then let go. Don’t hold buttons down.

Make sure that the Q2 announces that it has been reset and in pairing mode.

To pair it with your phone go to settings > bluetooth > enable bluetooth > scan/search/add new device > select BlueAnt Q2 > pair/connect

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Gene - May 11, 2015 at 10:51AM AEST BlueAnt Wireless Agent

Hi Robert,

Please click on the link below for pairing instructions with this model.

Thank you.

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Gene - Jul 20, 2015 at 12:58PM AEST BlueAnt Wireless Agent

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, v1.1 is still the latest firmware for the BlueAnt Q2.

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Gene - Jan 13, 2017 at 04:09AM AEDT BlueAnt Wireless Agent

Hi Audra,

Thank you for your query.

If you hear the message “The Pair List Is Full” when attempting to pair your phone with your BlueAnt device,
this means that your BlueAnt device has run out of space for storing new pairing information.

To resolve this issue, simply reset your BlueAnt device.

Resetting your BlueAnt device will delete all stored pairing information and other data and put your device into pairing mode.

To reset the Q2 headset, please ensure that it is turned ON but not connected to any phone. Quickly hit the Volume Up, Volume Down and the Multi-function Button together at the same time then let go. Do not hold the buttons down. You should hear the device announce it has been reset & in pairing mode.

Hope this helps!

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Gene - Feb 13, 2018 at 07:54AM AEDT BlueAnt Wireless Agent

Glad to know the suggested resolution worked for Spencer!

All the best!

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